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Christmas Drop At Pauls House - Valor Foundation

Pocono Basket Brigade (PBB) was started because our family was looking for a way to give back to our community. I noticed how important community is when my dad had his horrible accident and required inpatient rehabilitation. Spending time in the rehabilitation center with my dad helped me see how fortunate we were to have our friends, family and community. My dad had a great support system, but I could see that others in the rehabilitation center did not have the same blessings. So many people alone with no visitors, or lacking things they couldn't afford.

When my mom got an email from the Tony Robbins Foundation with the opportunity to start a basket brigade in our area, I knew instantly this was the perfect opportunity for our family to give back to those in need in our local community. With the help of other community members we had a successful Christmas drive. PBB is available to any family in need. The past two drives have gone to the Paul's House a Valor Clinic Foundation food drive. Valors mission is to provide Veterans with assistance accessing benefits, securing shelter, and providing long-lasting Post Traumatic Stress resources and relief through our Veterans Unstoppable Program.

Helps find shelter for Veterans who, due to health or means, are unable to find or keep shelter of their own, and Post Traumatic Stress resources to Veterans through our Veterans Unstoppable program. To improve the lives of our nation’s Veterans, we strive to provide nationwide integrated medical care in the future. I've been recruiting my friends to help on this very important mission. It's important for our youth to get involved. Paul's House is always appreciative of the help. They provide meals to hundreds of families during the holiday seasons.

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